Salad Pie Arrives!

They may not hit stores until March but we received our copies of Salad Pie from the printer this week!

They look amazing! We are so excited to bring this fun story to everyone. Written by Wendy BooydeGraaff, illustrated by Bryan Langdo, available March 1, 2016. Preorders available at your favorite online retailer!

About the Book

There is nothing sweeter than arriving at the playground, seeing it empty, and knowing you have it all to yourself-the silent comfort of playing alone.

Maggie is overjoyed to have that solitude to make her Salad Pie. But then Herbert saunters over and wants to play too.

"I'm making salad. Salad Pie. And don't you touch it!"

Herbert just wants to help, even though Maggie makes it clear she won't let him. Then her imaginary pie takes a spill, and she realizes Herbert's intentions are not so bad after all.

About the Author/Illustrator

Wendy BooydeGraaff grew up making mud pies on a fruit farm in Ontario, Canada. She now lives in Michigan with her family, where she whips up all kinds of salads and all kinds of pies. Visit her at

Bryan Langdo is the illustrator of over thirty books. His picture book Tornado Slim and the Magic Cowboy Hat won a 2012 Spur Award for Storytelling from Western Writers of America. In addition to his work as an illustrator and writer, Bryan works as an editor for an ESL website and app. He also runs errands for his wife’s nature-based nursery school. Bryan lives in Hopewell, NJ, with his wife and two children. When not working, he likes to be in the woods. Visit him at


Best Children's Books of Fall: Mae and the Moon

We are honored to have Mae and the Moon chosen as one of The Best Children's Books of Fall by Foreword Reviews.

Mae loves playing hide-and-seek with the moon each night, but she becomes worried when she notices it is waning away into darkness. The endearing young astronomer embarks on a mission to find her luminous friend, and the ease of Gigot’s clear, flowing narrative and night-hued illustrations propel her wondrous journey along. Everything, even the silky quality of the paper, makes this gentle story a perfect bedtime read. -Foreword Reviews

Mae and the Moon Review

It's a good day for Ripple Grove Press books! We just received a review for Mae and the Moon by Jami Gigot from Quill and Quire:

Vancouver author-illustrator and visual-effects animator Jami Gigot’s debut picture book celebrates children’s fascination with the moon. Conveyed in minimal and lucid text, the story tells of a young girl’s affinity for the celestial body. The pigtailed protagonist, Mae, delights in playing games like hide-and-seek with the moon. As the nights elapse, she spies the moon growing thinner, waning to a crescent and then disappearing altogether. The following day, Mae crafts a rocket from a cardboard box and imagines herself boarding the vessel – dubbed the Moon Chaser – and embarking on a quest to find her luminous companion. When night falls and her father beckons her to come inside, Mae discovers the moon has returned.

This sleepy-time tale unfolds against a backdrop of pencil and digital-paint artwork infused with twilight-evoking hues of black, purple, and blue. Gigot lends an innovative visual touch with the use of wordless spreads, which heighten the emotion of the story’s dramatic moments. The moon’s disappearance, depicted as two pages of black sky punctuated with white stars, is a striking example.

The book’s back pastedown offers budding astronomers a labeled diagram of the lunar phases, and opens the door to further exploration and dark-sky dreaming. -Carol-Ann Hoyte

The Peddler's Bed Review

We're pleased to announce that the November 2015 issue of The Midwest Book Review's "Children's Bookwatch" features a review of The Peddler's Bed:

The Peddler's Bed is a delicious story for children, rich with humor and warm with compassion. A peddler with a fine bed on his cart rode by an old man working in his small garden with his dog, Happy. The man admired the fine bed, which the peddler informed him was for sale. The bed was so sturdily made it would never squeak, the peddler assured the old man. Unfortunately, the old man had not even one penny to give for the fine new bed, though he would have loved to have it. The peddler made him an offer: he could have the bed free if he could find a way to make it squeak by sunset. There followed an amazing series of kindly, sharing actions and events that had the sound of little squeaks always present as the old man proceeded to offer water, a meal, and hospitality to the peddler and his pony. The little old man worked very hard, with well worn, squeaky furniture and tools to make a simple soup supper for the peddler, sharing vegetables from his garden, meat from his larder, and water from his well. The peddler enjoyed every moment of the old man's squeaky, creaky hospitality and kindness. Then he asked if he could rest awhile on the fine bed, which the peddler had gotten down from his wagon to demonstrate. A truly touching ending transpires to this quirky little tale that expresses the core message of kindness and hospitality, sharing what you have with others, no matter how humble or how fine. Splendidly expressive illustrations, lit with clownish joy and humor, enshrine the message of The Peddler's Bed for readers of any age.

So many story times!!

Not only do we have Wordstock to look forward to this weekend. We have a bunch of story times happening in Portland, and even one in Florida! Check out below and always visit our Events page for details. All story time include a reading, signing books, sometimes an art project, and a chance to talk to the authors and illustrators.

Saturday, November 7, 2pm at the Barnes and Noble, Lloyd Center, Portland, OR

Jami Gigot, author of Mae and the Moon

Saturday, November 7, 5pm at the Barnes and Noble, Broward Mall, Plantation, FL

Bong Redila, illustrator of The Peddler's Bed

Sunday, November 8, 11am at Green Bean Books, Portland, OR

Jami Gigot, author of Mae and the Moon

Sunday, November 8, 2pm at Barnes and Noble Lloyd Center, Portland, OR

Abraham Schroeder, author of The Gentleman Bat and Too Many Tables

Tuesday, November 10, 11am at Green Bean Books, Portland, OR

Abraham Schroeder, author of The Gentleman Bat and Too Many Tables

Wordstock is a week away!

We are beyond excited to be a part of the Wordstock relaunch next Saturday, November 7!

Ripple Grove Press will have a booth at the book fair, in the Mark Building at the Portland Art Museum (#63). We hope if you're in the neighborhood you'll stop by and say hello, buy a book, meet our authors, and talk about children's books!

All Ripple Grove Press books will be specially priced for sale at $15 at the event.

At 11am, Jami Gigot, author of Mae and the Moon, will be signing at our booth.

At 2pm Abraham Schroeder, author of The Gentleman Bat and Too Many Tables, will be signing at our booth.

Also check out our Events page for the other story times scheduled with Jami and Abraham for that weekend!

New Event! Write to Publish 2016

We’re excited to be part of Ooligan Press’s Write to Publish 2016.

Write to Publish is a writing conference that allows local Pacific Northwest authors to connect with local publishing professionals. It is also a fundraiser for Ooligan Press, which is the teaching press connected to Portland State University's book publishing graduate program. These events offer emerging writers information about the state of the publishing industry and advise them on how to navigate it successfully.

We'll be there talking about our books, what we look for, and how we got started in publishing. Hope to see you there! Be sure to keep checking our Events page for details!

Lizbeth Lou Sneak Peek

We have been working hard to get Lizbeth Lou Got a Rock in Her Shoe ready to go to print. Check out these amazing before and after shots of Kathryn Carr's technique for the book. Her illustrations are hand cut paper silhouettes arranged in an illuminated diorama setting and photographed. What do you think?

Lizbeth Lou Got a Rock in Her Shoe, words by Troy Howell, paper cut art by Kathryn Carr

Lizbeth Lou Got a Rock in Her Shoe, words by Troy Howell, paper cut art by Kathryn Carr

Lizbeth Lou Got a Rock in Her Shoe, words by Troy Howell, paper cut art by Kathryn Carr

Lizbeth Lou Got a Rock in Her Shoe, words by Troy Howell, paper cut art by Kathryn Carr