The Peddler's Bed First Review

Thank you to Vivian Kirkfield at Picture Books Help Kids Soar for her review of The Peddler's Bed.

Here is an excerpt:

What a lovely message of kindness and caring wrapped up in a story reminiscent of an old folk tale! The illustrations are bold, the characters are unexpected. Kids will enjoy the ‘squeak, squeak, squeak’ that all the objects make – the cart, the door, the kettle over the fire. I loved it!

You can read her full review here.

Too Many Tables is On Sale Now!

Preparations are going smoothly for a new restaurant in town until the owners realize they are missing a key ingredient. Watch what happens when word gets out that tables are needed for opening day.

The premise is simple, silly, and unforgettably entertaining. Abraham Schroeder's second book from Ripple Grove Press is a delightful story that breaks from the carefully measured humor of his debut book, The Gentleman Bat. Here he teams up with illustrator Micah Monkey, whose colorful and expressive drawings throw readers into a chaotic world filled with just too many tables! The comical story and bright visuals will keep readers thoroughly entertained as they revisit the book time and time again. 

About the Author/Illustrator

Abraham Schroeder is an artist, designer, and writer currently living in Petaluma, California, with his wife and son, after residing in a dozen other places, including Massachusetts, Alaska, and Japan. He is also the author of The Gentleman Bat (Ripple Grove Press 2014).

Micah Monkey is a primate, animator, and illustrator living in Los Angeles, with his woman and two offspring. He likes pizza and ice cream, and has seen every movie ever made. He got his name from climbing trees, bridges, and buildings, which children should never do.

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Ripple Grove Press Has Moved!

As of November 1, Ripple Grove Press hit the Oregon Trail! We're now set up on the left coast and back to work.

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The Gentleman Bat is on sale now!

Join the charismatic gentleman bat on a nighttime stroll down cobblestone streets where the town is lively and energetic. Along the way he meets his lady friend. Dancing and merriment fill their evening until the weather takes a turn. But not to worry, when you’re called the gentleman bat, you always come prepared.

Visit your local bookseller today to buy your copies! The Gentleman Bat is also available on, and